Infographic: 10 ways to keep readers from leaving your website

Getting people to visit your digital hub is only part of the battle; keeping them there is essential. Consider this guide for tips to reduce your site’s bounce rate.

Your hit count might be high—but that could be a worthless metric if users are leaving your website immediately after landing.

Red Website Design says slow load times and poor content are just a few of the reasons readers might flee your digital destination, according to this infographic it created using Search Engine Journal content.

Driving traffic to your website is difficult enough, but all your efforts do you little good if you don’t keep eyeballs glued to your page.

The guide identifies some tactics that will help keep readers on your site:

Insights include:

  • Make sure navigation is effortless.
  • Optimize your site for mobile.
  • Keep content short and tight.

Keep readers on your page and coming back for more by checking out the full infographic below.


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