Infographic: 15 guaranteed ways to repel your social media audience

PR pros rely on online networks to reach a wide audience, but mistakes can render these platforms ineffective. Here’s how to ensure you don’t put a foot wrong.

Social media is a crucial channel for communicators in a changing media landscape.

As the digital space for publishers and brand managers becomes more crowded, continual self-promotion is required to get your message out there. However, a social media channel is only as valuable as the time you invest in it.

You must develop your following, establish an authentic voice, and offer regular updates to make the most of this communications tool. Just as important, you’ll want to avoid any gaffes that could ruin your reputation or offend online visitors.

This infographic from Inklyo details 15 missteps that can undermine your social media strategy.

Some major mistakes:

  • Bragging about your organization instead of offering value to visitors
  • Failing to measure your efforts
  • Just repeating yourself instead of repurposing old content
  • Sloppiness, including grammatical mistakes and typos

To see all the blunders that could undo your social media campaign, read the full infographic.


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