Infographic: 20 places to get winning content ideas

Running low on inspiration? Try one of these sources to develop new angles for your content creation efforts and bring in new readers.

Where do you get ideas for new content?

In today’s fast-paced media cycle, you have to churn out so much new content that you might have exhausted your favorite wells of inspiration.

Some communicators turn to their old content for a brainwave, or to repurpose old creations to bring in new audiences. However, some communicators want to refresh their content completely—and that means finding new formats and ideas.

This infographic from Marketing Muses shares 20 places to glean ideas for new articles, videos and graphics.

They include:

  • The news: What does your organization have to say about current events?
  • Expert interviews: Do you have employees with special expertise?
  • Guest blogging: Do you have talented writers with a story to tell?
  • Your lessons learned: Do you have advice for others in your industry?

Read the full list in the infographic below to see whether there’s a content source you’ve been neglecting. Are there any you would add to the list?


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