Infographic: 20 tips to keep website visitors’ attention

Brand managers are constantly looking for ways to improve user experience and keep restless customers on their sites. Consider these ideas to lower your bounce rate.

Content marketers have a prime objective: Get online users to stick around.

Whether you seek to create more dynamic content or offer engrossing experiences that overwhelm your audience, you want to keep your audience coming back for more. Online publishers can take key steps to keep bored users from crashing out of your website.

This infographic from Quicksprout offers 20 tips on how web designers and brand managers can keep users on their websites and minimize bounce rates.

It includes:

  • Set realistic expectations.
  • Target the right customers.
  • Speed up the page loading times.
  • Deliver [high-]quality content.

To learn how to keep consumers coming back to your website, see the full infographic below.


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