Infographic: 20 ways to boost your SEO performance

The state of play in digital marketing is always changing as algorithms are updated and new tactics come into their own. Here are important ways you can make a splash.

How do new customers find out about your organization?

Your online marketing plan should take into account how easy it is for users to discover your offerings on search engines such as Google. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of helping elevate your website to the top of the results page for key search terms.

The best tactics for SEO are always changing to keep up with the latest industry trends. This infographic from Click offers 20 ways to boost your website’s performance in 2019.

Top insights include these tips:

  • Pay attention to backlinks and trustworthiness of the sites you are linking to.
  • Make your images searchable.
  • Expect that more money will be spent on social media campaigns.

To learn about all the ways digital marketing and SEO is changing in 2019, read the full infographic.


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