Infographic: 22 guidelines for online writers

Wordsmiths working on the internet have some unique challenges to address. Here are some basic rules to keep readers’ attention and drive sales.

It’s a notion that PR pros love to throw around: Average audience attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish.

As internet readers skim less and less of the full content of articles, some websites are pulling out all the stops to capture restless viewers. Whether your blog is full of quizzes or you’ve switched to live video, you’re chasing a viewer who can’t seem to sit still.

However, there’s still a place for the talented writer, as metrics show that readers are looking for quality over quantity. Writers are taking more time to write longer pieces as bloggers look to differentiate themselves.

This infographic from Red Website Design lists some rules that can help writers keep their readers engaged and attract more viewers, no matter how short their attention span is.

The list includes these imperatives:

  • Write a stellar headline.
  • Keep it conversational.
  • Do your research.
  • Get personal.
  • Create a convincing call to action.

See the full list of what the experts suggest you do to win more readers:


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