Infographic: 27 tips to power your content marketing efforts

Standing out in the digital landscape is no walk in the park. These tactics can help you craft messages that captivate audiences and boost engagement.

Content creators have a tough job.

Crafting an incredible video, blog post or infographic can be a formidable task on its own, but fighting for attention online adds an extra layer of difficulty.

Why isn’t your creation receiving any engagement? What topics do your customers want to learn more about? What will help your content reach a larger audience?

An infographic from Digital Vidya shares tactics for producing content that will keep eyeballs glued to the screen and receive desired engagement.

It includes:

  • Identify your audience and tailor content to their needs.
  • Use analytics to discover what’s working and get rid of what’s not.
  • Create content that sparks conversation and engagement.
  • Craft visual adaptations of your messaging.

Find more tips for creating content that will break through the noise on the crowded digital landscape in the full infographic below.


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