Infographic: 45 tips for making the most of Slack

The collaboration tool has seen more use during this crisis as employees try to stay connected while remotely working. Here are some ideas to make the app work better for your team.

45 Slack Tricks That Will Impress Your Boss Infographic

Don’t let Slack become another overwhelming communication channel.

If you aren’t organized and methodical in your approach, your Slack will be as unwieldy and frustrating as your overflowing email inbox. To improve collaboration between remote team members, you need to know all the secrets to get the most out of your tool.

This infographic from NetCredit offers 45 tips for things you can do to make your Slack better.

Tips include:

  • Hot-key shortcuts
  • How to search within your messages
  • Set notification preferences for a channel
  • Taking advantage of the Slackbot

To see a full list of all the tools and tips, read the full infographic.


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