Infographic: 48 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn only

If you’re inclined to put all your job-hunting eggs in one basket, we’d suggest you go with LinkedIn. That’s where the most recruiters hang out.

When you need a haircut, your choice of stylist hinges on what you want done.

Want the latest Jennifer Aniston style with both high- and low-lights? You need a professional. But if you’re simply buzzing your head as a way to hide that you’re going bald, just do it yourself, a la Britney Spears.

The same goes for job searching online: You go where the professionals are. And according to the 2012 Social Recruiting Activity Report from Bullhorn Reach, where the professionals hang out is LinkedIn.

The report found that 48 percent of all recruiters on social media use LinkedIn only. No wonder 28 percent of them have a connection-base that exceeds 1,000 please-hire-me hopefuls.

But don’t count out the Supercuts of social recruiting, Facebook and Twitter. The report said that although a mere 1 percent of recruiters use these social networks exclusively, 21 percent of them tap the sites in addition to LinkedIn.

Get all the details from the report in this infographic:


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