Infographic: 7 proven ways to improve your writing

Are you looking to increase your output as a content creator? Here are some tips to help you build your writing chops and avoid missing those looming deadlines.

7 Proven Ways To Improve Your Writing Infographic

If you are a content creator, you are all too familiar with the internet’s insatiable demand for new content.

With the voracious news cycle in online publishing, nothing has a long shelf life. Even if you find clever ways to repurpose your content, savvy communicators know they always have to be working on the next story.

If just thinking about that makes you tired, here are tips to help you boost your writing output.

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This infographic from Global English Editing offers seven steps to make you a more prolific writer, which include:

  1. Start writing, pronto. You’ve got to start somewhere. Turn off the internal editor, and put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).
  2. Work hard, and take short breaks. Studies show that periods of intense work, followed by short breaks, can help improve creative work.
  3. Find some ambient noise. That’s why some people like to write in coffee shops or listen to music. The ambient sounds are shown to improve creativity by boosting the brain’s abstract processing power.

To learn more insights and tips that will help you be a better writer, read the full infographic.


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