Infographic: A communicators’ guide to Google Chrome extensions

These handy features can help improve your communications efforts—if you know where to start. This graphic provides a break down of tools and their uses.

Google offers a wide range of add-ons for its web browser.

These Chrome extensions provide communicators with many beneficial tools that can help improve collaboration, innovation, productivity and organization.

However, with such a bevy of offerings, it can be hard to decide which features best suit your needs.

This infographic from On Stride breaks down 27 Chrome extensions into six categories based on the benefits they provide for users.

A sampling includes:

  • Hiver: Allows users with shared email accounts to collaborate on tasks using notes and labels.
  • StayFocused: Limits the amount of time a user can spend on unproductive websites.
  • Toby: Organizes browser tabs, lets you save tab groups and improves collaboration by allowing you to share tabs with other users.

For more Google Chrome Extensions that will help simplify your life (at work, at least), check out the full infographic below:


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