Infographic: A guide to Facebook Insights

Does your Facebook strategy feel like a lot of work for minimal gain? Here’s how to use Facebook’s native tools to tailor your outreach to your audience.

PR pros don’t have time for tactics that yield meager results.

That’s why Facebook has provided tools to help identify what activity works on the platform and what is a waste of time. Are your posts reaching the intended target? What do users want to see on your Facebook page?

These answers can be easily found with Facebook Insights, and The Business Backer has created an infographic to help even the least technically savvy communicators find the information they require.

It shows how to:

  • Monitor how many “likes” your page and posts get
  • Analyze the reach of your posts
  • Drive traffic to your website or sales funnel
  • And more

Make sure your Facebook efforts are well spent by checking out the full infographic below to understand all that the platform has to offer your business.


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