Infographic: A guide to Instagram ads

The photo-sharing app is a key platform for many campaigns—and it might be worth spending some of your budget on ads. What options do you have to boost your message?

Instagram is a potent platform for reaching your audience, particularly if they are a younger demographic.

However, what are the best formats for your message? What content fits which format the best?

This infographic from Later breaks down the different kinds of ad campaigns you can run on the photo-sharing platform. They include:

  • Photo ads: Include a call to action button or a caption to drive your message home.
  • Stories ads: These videos won’t disappear like their organic counterparts.
  • Carousel ads: Display up to 10 images or videos within the same ad.

To learn more about the different kinds of ads Instagram offers, including key specs like optimum image ratio, consult the full infographic.


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