Infographic: Common psychological threats businesses should beware

Emotional pitfalls can upend your work life just as easily as they affect your life at home. Here are some important mistakes that you should avoid to find more comity on the job.

Emotionally healthy company infographic

You aren’t always conscious of behavior that is sabotaging your relationships.

Many survival techniques we learn in early life can be harmful—even disastrous—in later life. That’s especially true at work, where relationships with your clients, your team or your boss can have big consequences for your organization and your career.

Luckily, by being on the lookout for common psychological traps, you can start to defend against your own blind spots.

This infographic from Chanty shares five common psychological mistakes that can trip you up.

They include:

  • False righteousness. It’s OK to admit that things aren’t perfect.
  • Fratricidal war. If you’ve got it out for your colleagues, there might be something deeply wrong with your organization.
  • Chronic subtle stress. That fatigue you’ve been feeling for months? Yeah, that’s a mental health problem.

To learn more about psychological threats in the workplace, read the full infographic.


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