Infographic: Current presentation design trends and tactics

Glean guidance from top speakers to craft sleek, seamless decks that will resonate with your audience.

Presenting with aplomb puts you in prime position to take the workplace cake.

Words, delivery, confidence and body language are just part of the presentation puzzle, however. Slick slide-deck design can boost your authority, elevate your workplace status and make you a sought-after speaker.

To help you become a power presenter and reap the multitude of career benefits that come from such an elite designation, Venngage has compiled survey findings from top speakers that offer guidance on crafting stunning slide decks. The takeaways include these nuggets:

  • A whopping 84 percent of Venngage’s respondents said their presentations are “highly visually focused,” as opposed to laden with text.
  • More than 40 percent reported using from 21 to 40 slides per presentation.
  • The most popular running time is 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Nearly 35 percent of speakers reported using “bright and vibrant color palettes” to make their designs pop. The same percentage use stock photos in presentations, yet fewer than 8 percent “believe that stock photos resulted in high engagement.”
  • The top challenges include “how to summarize and condense content to fit” (45 percent) and “formatting decks to keep audience excited and engaged” (42 percent).
  • According to Venngage: “Forty-seven percent of speakers surveyed stated that their main objective when designing their presentations was to summarize complex information so that it would be easier for their audience to digest the content.”

For more insights on creating memorable presentations, read the rest of Venngage’s infographic above, or learn more here.


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