Infographic: Do you know your SEO ABCs?

Making sure you pop up at the top of list in online searches is a top priority for many PR and marketing pros in 2019. Here are some fundamentals you shouldn’t overlook.

Is your product or service on the tip of consumers’ tongues?

Many businesses are suffering from the changing nature of the shopping experience. Where once a prominent retail presence could be guaranteed to generate sales, now product purveyors are vying for internet visibility.

That means you have to give a fig about search engine optimization (SEO)—and learn at least the fundamentals.

This infographic from Digital Meal offers basic terms that every marketer and communications pro should know.

Important terms include:

  • Duplicate content
  • Fetch as Google
  • Javascript rendering
  • Schema markup
  • XML Sitemap

To learn more about the factors that can send your website to the top of the Google list, read the full infographic.


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