Infographic: How businesses can use Instagram Stories

The social media platform’s version of the popular Snapchat feature has taken off in popularity. Here’s how brand managers can get in on the fun and drive more engagement.

Savvy marketers and communicators know Instagram Stories are wildly popular.

Around 300 million users look at Instagram Stories every day—and with an average of 28 minutes spent per day, there’s a significant opportunity for brand managers to grab new audiences on the platform.

However, brands are not a social media user’s best friend. Your organization should approach social media in a different way—and the kinds of stories you tell must meet a higher standard.

This infographic from 99 Firms looks at how businesses are using Instagram Stories to talk about their products.

Major takeaways include these:

  • Most stories (59 percent) link users to a shopping page.
  • Posts with a geotagged location get 79 percent more engagement.
  • Most mobile users hold their phone vertically, so Instagram Stories should be shot accordingly.

To learn how high-profile companies such as Mercedes Benz, Cover Girl and Lego have used Instagram Stories to reach their customers, see the full infographic below.


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