Infographic: How Instagram’s popularity offers prime marketing opportunities

Advertising on the photo sharing platform can influence buying decisions, but you must partner with the right people and define your audience. Consider these insights.

As the number of daily users on Instagram continues to grow, so, too, should your marketing efforts on the influential platform.

The social networking site is a favorite among hard-to-reach younger audiences and allows brand managers to get their products or services in front of targeted consumers through ads and influencers they trust.

However, don’t blow your marketing budget on a post from someone with a massive following. Finding the right online personality that will appeal to the consumers you’re targeting can be more important than the size of their audience—and much less costly.

An infographic from X-Cart dives into the rising popularity of Instagram and why marketers should be tapping its potential to reach audiences.

It includes:

  • Seventy-two percent of users say Instagram content has influenced their purchasing decisions.
  • At 8 percent, “Advocates” (those with 0–5K followers) earn the most engagement.
  • Instagram influencer marketing spending is expected to reach $2.3 billion by 2019.

For more insight into making the most of your Instagram marketing efforts, see the full infographic below.


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