Infographic: How marketers vary on social media

How your organization uses online networks depends on whether your business model targets consumers or other businesses. Here’s how the two groups differ.

Is your audience mostly on Facebook or LinkedIn?

The answer has a lot to do with whether your organization is a B2B business, selling products and services to other organizations, or B2C retailers offering goods to the public. Both types of organizations are on social media, but how they use online networking varies with their needs.

This infographic from Grazitti Interactive shows how B2B marketers differ from their B2C colleagues.

It lists these crucial factors:

  • They use different platforms. (B2B prefers LinkedIn versus B2C’s love of Facebook.)
  • B2B marketers invest more in LinkedIn ads. (Twenty-nine percent versus B2C marketers’ 10 percent.)
  • B2B marketers are more likely to use blogs; B2C marketers are more invested in video offerings.

For a comprehensive rundown of the differences between the two marketing factions, and to understand where your organization fits in, see the full infographic below.


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