Infographic: How people really use LinkedIn

Ever wondered how often people change their profile picture, or how many times a week your co-workers log on to the professional networking site? This graphic has the answers.

How does the average executive use LinkedIn?

He or she logs on anywhere from a few times a week to daily, is a member of at least one group, and does not pay for a premium account.

An infographic from Lab 42 illustrates what LinkedIn users do on the professional network, and why they use it.

According to the graphic, 42 percent of users update their profile regularly, and 37 percent frequently update their profile picture. However, 12 percent say they haven’t changed their picture since they joined the site.

Ninety percent of LinkedIn users think the professional network is useful, primarily because it helps them meet potential clients, is more professional than Facebook, and allows them to locate new hires they might not otherwise find.

Interested in how people use LinkedIn the most?

  • Top-level executives primarily use it for industry networking and promoting their business.
  • Middle management executives use it to keep in touch with people and network within the industry.
  • Entry-level executives use it to job search and network with co-workers.

For more stats, check out the graphic:

(View a larger image.)

Krisitin Piombino is an editorial assistant at, where this story first appeared.


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