Infographic: How to craft captivating online content

A flashy new website must feature high-quality writing, or visitors won’t stick around for long. Here are tips for developing articles that will keep readers coming back for more.

Your content has become a crucial part of your brand identity.

As more and more consumers are discovering new products online, and as shoppers trade malls for virtual retail experiences, an organization’s physical façade has manifest itself in a new form: the written word.

Specifically, customers are reading what you write about yourself on your website.

The quality of your blog can have profound implications for your brand image and overall performance. A regular publishing schedule and high editorial standards can establish your organization as an industry leader. If you don’t choose to publish, however, you risk becoming invisible to potential clients and customers.

This infographic from Manage Inbound offers tips for enterprising marketers who are looking to build their portfolio of owned media online.

Top suggestions include:

  • Cut out sales language and aggressive self-promotion.
  • Make your content “skimmable” with bullet points and bold or italicized text to emphasize main points.
  • Don’t try to sound smarter than you are. Your first concern should be that your reader can understand your assertions.

Read the full infographic to uncover all the nips and tucks that writers can use to make their content stick in readers’ minds.


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