Infographic: How to escape content mediocrity

Writing, like any other task, requires practice. Here are some exercises and mindsets that can help you hone your craft and create better content.

Anyone can write, but writing well requires lots of practice.

You can start by writing every day, but as my favorite teacher in middle school used to say: “Practice doesn’t make perfect; practice makes permanent.”

How you practice is crucial if you want to make progress, and that means having a plan for working on your writing weaknesses.

This infographic from Enchanting Marketing shares a complete program for working on your writing skills.

Key insights include:

  • Practice how to write concisely. When crafting content, less is often more.
  • Compose openings that captivate readers with cliffhanger sentences.
  • Think before you write: Who is your audience? What do you want them to do?

To learn how to improve your writing and discover specific tactics you can practice on your own, read the full infographic.


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