Infographic: How to get the most from your Google Drive

Working with a remote team can pose logistics problems for communicators, but Google has tools to help you overcome any barrier. Consider these options.

How do you keep your work organized?

Do you store backups in the cloud, or save your work to a backup hard drive? How do you share files with remote employees or team members?

The Google suite offers a lot of flexibility for content creators and communicators working with spread-out teams. Google Drive, Google’s backup storage in the cloud, helps users collaborate and save their work to maximize efficiency and protect their projects.

This infographic from Net Credit shares helpful features for PR pros and communicators of all stripes.

They include:

  • How to work offline
  • How to scan documents with your Android phone
  • How to restore previous versions
  • How to type with your voice

Learn the full range of nifty features that could help accelerate your efforts by checking out the full guide below.


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