Infographic: How to use chatbots to expand your Facebook following

Social media tasks can be a major drag on your time and energy, but some connections can be automated with chatbots. Here’s how to take advantage of these technological wonders.

Social media is a crucial element for connecting with your audience.

However, keeping up with the notifications and continually posting authentic messages can take too much of your time and energy. Communicators might be tempted to post less frequently or share less crafted content to cut down on the time investment.

Instead, why not use chatbots to automate some social media tasks?

This infographic from Headway Capital shares important information about how to employ these electronic surrogates on your Facebook business page.

It suggests chatbots can:

  • Answer common user questions with preloaded answers.
  • Help customers research products and purchases.
  • Provide personalized offers.

To learn about all the things chatbots could be doing for your business, see the full infographic below.


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