Infographic: How to use emoji in your marketing messages

The emoticons can add visual flair to your words, but inappropriate deployment will turn readers off—or even damage your reputation. Here’s how to use them correctly.

When is an emoji acceptable in marketing writing?

It never hurts to be a little entertaining when trying to sell your services or drive traffic to your site, but you also have to protect your reputation. If consumers find you ridiculous, you could undermine your efforts, or even drive away potential buyers.

This infographic from Campaign Monitor offers ground rules for communicators on using emoji in their messages.

Key tips include:

  • Emoji are a better fit for younger audiences than for older readers.
  • Emoji trends are highly localized and can change meanings when crossing national boundaries.
  • Being absurd can work. The smiling poop emoji got the highest read rate when used in email.

To learn more about how to use emoji to reach your target audience, read the full infographic.


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