Infographic shows what the World Wide Web looked like in 1996

We’d never even call it that today—at least not without a sarcastic grin. See what else has changed in 15 years, and find out what your website would’ve looked like in the ‘90s.

In 1996, long before Facebook and Google had turned us into narcissistic stalkers, there was a place called the World Wide Web.

In this place, a (measly) 20 million Americans took 30 of the most excruciating seconds out of their lives to load pages like Netscape and Webcrawler, according to the infographic below. People spent an average of 30 minutes a month online.

Today, more than 245 million Americans spend an average of 27 hours per month on this World Wide Web. And it takes six seconds to load a page.

If you weren’t around to experience the aesthetically challenged days of yore, please note that we’d also like to take this moment to express our eternal gratitude for our Web designer, Buffy. Otherwise, PR Daily might look like this.

Holy Geocities, Batman.

BONUS: Geocities-ize your own site to see what it might’ve looked like back in 1996.



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