Infographic: Social media is not a waste of time

That’s what this infographic argues, at least. Do you agree?

Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other website. But does that mean social networks are a waste of time?

They’re not, an infographic from argues. Americans use social media for everything from the job search to finding a soul mate.

One reasons Americans use social media is to enhance their social lives. More than half use social networks to stay in touch with friends (67 percent) and family (64 percent). Seventeen percent use it to find love, and 18 percent use it to make new friends.

The infographic also points out that social media can help in a job search. Almost half (41 percent) of the class of 2011 used social media to look for jobs, and 71 percent expect employers to look at their social media profiles.

Still not convinced that social media isn’t a waste of time? Take a look at the graphic:

(View a larger version.)

Kristin Piombino is an editorial assistant for, where this story first appeared.


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