Infographic: Social media marketers say Facebook offers best ROI

Despite the growing power of Instagram and Twitter, as well as newcomers like TikTok, marketers believe the best investment is still Facebook. 


How are you investing in social media for the coming year?

Many communicators are putting together their annual budgets, and some teams are pushing for more spending on social media content and promotions. Some platforms require a capital investment to see any reach at all—we’re looking at you, Facebook.

However, many marketers say Facebook is the best investment of their limited social media budget. 

This infographic from Sharekit offers data and statistics to guide your planning and budgeting for the coming year.

Key insights include:

  • Some 94% of B2B marketers share content on LinkedIn.
  • Of Twitter’s users, 74% say they use the platform to get their news.
  • Some 80% of Instagrammers follow at least one business profile on the platform.

Build your social media strategy for 2020 and home in on the best use of your communications budget by consulting the full infographic.


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