Infographic: Technical and SEO mistakes that plague websites

Many factors can hurt a site’s ranking and limit accessibility. This guide shares common blunders to avoid when building and maintaining your organization’s digital destination.

Many websites fall down on the job on SEO without even knowing it.

Your site must be easy to navigate not only for visitors but also for the search engines’ bots that crawl the site. These robots must be able to find pages in order to be added to a search engine’s index, which affects ranking.

Security must also be of the utmost importance. Facebook’s data breach that affected almost 50 million users, the hacking of Marriott’s database, and Reddit’s announcement that user data was accessed by hackers are merely a few of the many examples of organizations affected by data security issues this past year.

Of course, offering quality, detailed content is crucial for SEO, too—but not all sites deliver.

These are only a few of the mistakes that affect websites, according to a study conducted by SEMrush. It analyzes 1300 e-commerce websites and shares 80 common mishaps in this infographic.

A sampling of its findings include:

  • Over 75 percent of the websites it looked at had broken internal links.
  • Nearly 80 percent of websites analyzed are affected by slow page load speeds.
  • Title tags were either missing or empty for almost 35 percent of websites analyzed.

Consult the full infographic for more insight into common issues that affect your website’s SEO.


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