Infographic: The growing power of influencer marketing

As users look for ways to verify online claims, internet celebrities have become increasingly powerful for communicators looking to convince and persuade. Consider these statistics.

Influencer marketing is ascendant, with a 1,500% increase in use of the search term on Google in the last three years.

What’s the pull for so many marketers and communicators? Maybe it’s that the tactic offers 11% higher ROI than traditional forms of marketing.

However, many organizations have been forced to scrutinize the numbers.  For some reason, as influencer audiences grow, their engagement rates drop. That means internet figures with smaller, engaged followings are getting more attention from all kinds of organizations.

This infographic from SmallBizGenius offers key statistics for any communicator planning to use influencers to reach target audiences.

Big insights include:

  • In 2018, more than three-quarters (78%) of marketers used influencers to build awareness.
  • In 2017, nearly all (93%) influencers used Instagram.
  • Almost three-quarters (73%) of influencers say they will put in more effort for products that excite them.

To learn more about what makes an influencer tick and how to use their unique platform to reach your audience, read the full infographic.


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