Infographic: Tips for creating a successful WFH policy

With many workers now logging in from home during the COVID-19 lockdown, there are a few ways to make sure your remote workers feel engaged and empowered.

Covid 19 WFH InfographicDo your employees feel engaged and valued as they put in extra hours from home?

Research shows that many workers are facing extra hurdles during the COVID-19 lockdown, from juggling childcare and work at home to increased workloads as teams try to stay connected remotely. However, a clear and defined WFH policy can help protect workers form burn out and drive important productivity goals.

This infographic from HR Tech Cube offers some tips for how to create an effective work-from-home policy.

Top ideas include:

  • Consider implementing a task-management platform.
  • Set clear communications expectations with management teams.
  • Get employee input on creating a feasible, successful WFH policy.

To see all of the recommendations, read the full infographic.


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