Infographic: Tips for creating social media conversations

It’s crucial that your online content creates community and drives conversations online. Here are some ways to strike up a healthy discussion.

With the way social media platforms have changed their algorithms, it’s more important than ever for marketers to prioritize creating online community.

Engagement with your content has become an essential goal for social media managers, whether that’s soliciting comments or trying to create communities that share your content. So how can you help jump-start important conversations and drive engagement?

This infographic from Red Website Design offers 14 ways you can start a conversation online.

Top options include:

  • Request feedback on your products and services.
  • Talk about breaking news.
  • Share an experience and ask followers what they would do in your place.

To learn all the ways you can develop content to help bolster engagement and cultivate your audience, read the full infographic.




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