Infographic: Tips for mask creation and use during COVID-19

Many organizations are facing a return to work scenario where masks will be essential. Here are some guidelines to consider sharing with your stakeholders.

Facemasks Everything You Need to Know to Flatten the Curve InfographicAre you prepared to bring employees back to the office?

One of the many new realities facing organizations is the widespread use of masks to help prevent the spread of the virus as businesses start to reopen.

However, helping your employees get access to masks and educating them about proper mask protocol will take care and dedication.

This infographic from Survival at Home shares some mask tips and advice on how to create your own face covering.

See the full list by checking out the whole infographic.


One Response to “Infographic: Tips for mask creation and use during COVID-19”

    Ronald N. Levy says:

    Masks can be your media.

    If you favor Biden or Trump, you can create masks with flattering pictures of them or a party-line quote. If you oppose either candidate, your pictures can be derisive.

    If there’s a cause like social distancing you favor, your masks can implore “PLEASE keep 6 feet away.” An artist could do an avoidance cartoon or decorate the sign with drawings of six human feet. If you’re in real estate your artist could show square feet.

    If social justice is your thing, your masks might make a case that we have too much “economic distancing,” too much disparity in income between the haves, the have nots and the too-little-chance of having.

    A mask with many folds might not be good for showing faces or signs but you could front each mask with an attached paper or plastic picture that doesn’t fold or crinkle. This could easily be inexpensive enough so you could give people their choice of pro or anti face coverings.

    One who uses masks as media may hope people favor the idea: “Even if you don’t like the message, please don’t shoot the messenger!”

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