Infographic: Tips for proving your content value during COVID-19

As organizations look to cut expenses during this economic downturn, here are some ways you can defend your content budget.

8 Talking Points Infographic

Worried about number crunchers coming for your content marketing budget?

As the world economy faces a severe downturn from the COVID-19 crisis, PR pros and communicators will have to defend their value. The good news? They have a really good case to make.

This infographic from Hero’s Journey offers eight ways to justify your content marketing budget.

Top arguments include:

  • Kellogg’s big win over Post during the Great Depression due to content investment.
  • Conversion rates still offer big returns over paid search ads and other channels.
  • You have less competition: With others scaling back efforts, you have a clearer path.

To see all the arguments, read the full infographic.


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