Infographic: Top social media trends, by the numbers

What’s next for influencer marketing, and just how important is ‘social listening’? Consider these insights as you plan your online strategy.

Social media is always changing, and that means marketers must continually research the latest trends to make sure their investment reaps ample benefits.

In 2019, that means investing in influencer marketing and social media monitoring. PR pros, too, should take advantage of these trends as they compete with marketing agencies for budget dollars.

This infographic from Awario identifies five of the most important trends on social media, including stats to inform communicators as they build their next campaigns.

Top insights include:

  • More than half (53%) of sales people want help in understanding social media selling.
  • Three-quarters (78%) of users who complain to brands on Twitter expect a response within an hour.
  • Nearly all (97%) “micro-influencers” charge less than $500 per Instagram post.

Consult the full infographic to discover where the social media industry is heading and how your organization can get the most for its money.


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