Infographic: Trends that are shaping the social media landscape

Change is the only constant in digital marketing. Consider this guide to make sure your marketing strategy includes the latest best practices.

To thrive in the social media ecosystem, you must stay ahead of the tactics that are dominating the digital realm.

Online channels are fickle beasts and continually introduce updates, as well as changes to their algorithms, which makes it difficult to nail down a digital marketing strategy the appeases these powerful platforms.

However, there are notable trends that can lead to digital success.

Digital Marketing Philippines shares the tactics, strategies and content that brand managers should know and implement into their marketing strategies in this infographic.

Insights include:

  • Make live video a priority.
  • Use social listening tools to generate more leads.
  • Ensure you’re being transparent when attempting to collect consumer data on social channels.

Read the full infographic to learn more ways to knock your digital marketing out of the park.


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