Infographic: What does the future hold for video marketers?

As video becomes more crucial to a successful content strategy, knowing what’s on the horizon is essential. Consider these insights when tailoring your content for different platforms.

Video is rapidly becoming the entrée of choice for content consumption.

With an increased demand for visual content, video is flooding the content landscape. Social media news feeds in particular are dominated by dynamic video stories.

Not all social media platforms love the same style of videos, though. Simply shooting one video and plastering it on all your social media pages will prove unsuccessful in terms of audience engagement. Formatting and length should be considered when posting a video to different platforms.

So, what is a brand manager to do when looking to stand out?

An infographic from Breadnbeyond offers insights into the current state of video marketing and how to optimize your videos for individual social media platforms.

Here are some key predictions from the graphic:

  • Ephemeral video production will increase rapidly.
  • Video should be optimized for mobile platforms.
  • Organizations will use Facebook’s Creator App to create video.
  • YouTube’s new mobile sharing option will encourage engaging content.
  • Organizations will tap into Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Project (#WHP).
  • Promoted videos on Twitter lead to better brand recognition.

See the infographic below for tactics that are working on each social media platform and video marketing trends to keep an eye out for in the coming year:


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