Infographic: What is the best social media platform for vanishing content?

Ephemeral communication has become a crucial part of a successful content strategy, but would Snapchat, Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories better serve your goals?

Is your organization’s story best told on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat?

All of these social media juggernauts receive tremendous engagement, but certain stories are better suited to specific platforms depending on your target audience, typical content and overall goals.

Which platform’s vanishing content best suits your organization?

An infographic from Hootsuite takes a deep dive into uncovering whether Snapchat, Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories is the best platform for achieving your objectives.

It shares:

  • Snapchat: Build brand and campaign awareness and receive customer feedback.
  • Instagram Stories: Receive customer feedback, drive product sales and boost web traffic.
  • Facebook Stories: Boost brand awareness, share user-generated content and increase event attendance.

See the full infographic below to discover whether your organization should be focusing its content efforts on Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories or Snapchat:


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