Infographic: What marketers should know about voice search

Many people are asking AI assistants questions instead of typing them into search engines, and brand managers should be tailoring their efforts accordingly. This guide can help.

The phrases “OK, Google…,” “Hey, Siri…” or “Alexa…” begin many consumers’ online queries—and brand managers should be listening.

Voice search is becoming common practice for people searching for many things, including information or reviews about products and services they might be looking to purchase.

If marketers aren’t adapting their tactics to please these digital assistants, they risk missing out on a large market of potential customers.

This infographic from MDG Advertising offers guidance for optimizing your campaigns and websites for consumers who prefer to verbalize their questions rather than type them out. It also shares statistics detailing the importance of voice-driven searches to marketers.

Insights and recommendations include:

  • Include a larger targeted list of keywords to adapt to more conversational searches.
  • Seventy-one percent of people would rather use voice search than type a query.
  • Not all voice assistants are created equal, so marketers should tailor their strategies to the differing services.

For more insight into voice search and why marketers should be taking note, check out the full infographic.


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