Infographic: What PR pros should know about typography and color

The typography on a website says a lot about that organization’s professionalism and implied intentions. Follow these rules of basic design to ensure you don’t send the wrong message.

There’s more to good web design than avoiding Comic Sans.

The typography you choose, as well as the color and other concerns, will convey a lot about your brand. For different cultures, color and style can have a wide range of implications.

For brand managers and PR pros it is essential to know your audience—and know the typography and palette that will grab them.

This infographic from MDG Advertising shares what certain colors mean to different cultures and how specific typography choices can set your brand apart.

It includes the following guidance:

  • As much as 90 percent of consumer’s initial analysis of a product is based on color alone.
  • Color implications can vary widely from culture to culture.
  • Marketers should avoid small fonts, poor spacing and busy backgrounds when selecting typography.

To see the full range of design suggestions and ensure your website keeps readers happy, consult the full infographic below.

Design Matters: What Marketers Need to Know About Color and Typography [Infographic]
by MDG Advertising


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