Infographic: Where to start with your social media call to action

Every time you post to an online platform, you hope to elicit a positive response from consumers. Here’s how to frame your CTA to inspire the action your organization wants.

Your social media posts must demand a response.

If users are finding your message, but aren’t following through with a purchase or deeper examination of your product or service, your approach is a big waste of money. That’s why your call to action (CTA) is a crucial part of your online messaging.

This infographic from Dog-Eared Social offers some helpful starting points to shape your CTA to persuade customers to take the action you want.

It covers basic actions that many organizations target:

  • Learn more. You want a reader to download a white paper or take a closer look at your website. Words like “explore,” “discover,” and “see” are helpful.
  • You want the reader to boost your message with a retweet or a share. Phrases such as, “Tell your friends…” are a good place to start.
  • Give feedback. You want to hear from your audience. Try asking users to share their story with a hashtag.

Every social media post you make should have a specific purpose. Start getting the response you want by choosing the right call to action.

To see the full list, consult the infographic.


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