Infographic: Which calls to action best suit your organization?

These promotional prompts encourage consumers to act, but which types will help you achieve your goals? This guide shares common styles and best practices for implementing them.

Great marketing content does you no good if your call to action falls flat.

Whether you’re offering free downloadable content, consultation free of charge or complimentary use of premium services for a limited time, grabbing readers’ attention and getting them to click is the whole ballgame.

There are multiple approaches to take when crafting these embedded messages, though, and not all methods work for every organization.

To help out, Breadnbeyond compiled an infographic with the five most common types of calls to action and how best to use them.

It includes:

  • Single button: This clean approach features a tagline above the button and some additional copy below.
  • Freebies opt-in: Having users fill in their email address in order to receive a free guide or newsletter costs the consumer nothing and helps your list-building efforts.
  • Premium trials: Offering this option will make going back to the free version of the product a difficult decision for the user, but be careful to clearly state the time limit.

To see all the different types of calls to action and how to make them work for your organization, check out the full infographic below.


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