Infographic: Why email marketing should get personal

Another generic message hitting a consumer’s inbox probably won’t earn a second glance—but tailoring it to your reader can boost click-through rates and conversions.

A broad email blast is likely to end up in the wasteland of unread material.

Tailor your message, though, and open rates will likely tick up.

Including a personalized subject line and valuable content for the readers—among other tactics—is essential if you want to earn repeat customers and increase engagement. There are plenty of tools to help with this process, but be careful to ensure your automation efforts are authentic.

How important is it to send customized emails based on consumer behavior?

ActiveTrail compiled statistics in an infographic that highlights the benefits of personalizing email messages.

It includes:

  • Organizations that personalize emails receive 27 percent more unique click rates—and 11 percent higher open rates—compared to companies that use generic messaging.
  • 74 percent of brand managers note increased engagement when they send customized emails.
  • Targeted messages earn six times higher transactional rates than bulk email.

Adding a personal touch to emails is essential if you want to improve your marketing efforts. For more insight, see the full infographic below.


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