Infographic: Why marketing automation is an essential investment

Using robots to contact your customers isn’t the stuff of science fiction. Instead, these tools will help you target messaging, avoid irking potential customers and boost the bottom line.

Marketers work extremely hard to scratch out a few extra leads, grab page views and ultimately bring in more business and trade.

The work is complicated. As audiences become overwhelmed by marketing messages and digital overload, as email inboxes clog and as consumers question their brand loyalty, marketers need help.

They have to personalize content, manage a complicated sales funnel and safeguard their brand’s reputation. It takes teams of people to keep up, and not every organization has bodies to spare.

That’s why marketing automation is gaining significant traction.

This infographic from Salesforce shows why marketing automation software has become such an important resource for overwhelmed marketing pros.

Key takeaways include:

  • Email marketing offers the best ROI for marketers, and automation software can help schedule, test and track success for these campaigns.
  • Some 63% of companies say they have all the marketing tech solutions they need, but only 32% fully use what they have.
  • Marketing automation can help companies at every sales touchpoint, including customer service, social media and email marketing.

To learn how marketing automation could help ease your workload and bolster your sales numbers, consider the full infographic.


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