Infographic: Why you should care about local SEO

The web stretches around the globe, but most businesses want customers in their area to find them quickly and easily. Here’s how to make sure you rank well for shoppers in your community.

Word-of-mouth still happens, but now it’s online.

Businesses that rely on local foot traffic should consider the effect an optimized website can have on their bottom line. Customers are more and more likely to research their purchases online, meaning website traffic can have a significant impact on sales and new business.

This infographic from MDG Advertising discusses the importance of optimizing your website for local shoppers—and it identifies which elements require your immediate attention.

It lists:

  • High-quality links
  • Personalization
  • Reputation management

To learn more about how to draw nearby consumers to your website and how your efforts can improve your business, see the full infographic below.


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