Infographic: Your social media marketing checklist

It’s hard to keep all those pesky tasks organized. Use this checklist to stay on top of your daily, weekly and monthly online objectives.

Not every social media task has to be done every day—but regular upkeep can be the difference between success and wasting your money.

It’s imperative for social media marketers and brand managers to stay organized and keep track of their social media output. Knowing whether you’ve done your daily and weekly tasks can give you piece of mind—and allow you to tackle your other pressing assignments.

This infographic by SEMrush offers a checklist for activities that every successful social media manager should be performing.

It includes:

  • Monitor brand reactions and respond to them daily.
  • Identify competitors’ successful posts weekly.
  • Collect metrics to gauge your success monthly.

Are you doing enough to keep your social media strategy on track? See the full infographic to discover where you are ahead and where you might be falling behind.

This article originally appeared on PR Daily in January of 2019.


6 Responses to “Infographic: Your social media marketing checklist”

    Jandre de Beer says:

    Hi Ted, absolutely loved this. Thanks so much. Just randomly stumbled upon the blog, will definitely be keeping a closer eye on it this year!

    Going to be passing this on to my team!

    All the best for the year ahead.

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