Infographic: YouTube, Facebook Stories on the rise in 2020

According to research from Animoto, video content is growing in popularity for social media users. Here’s what that might mean for your organization.

FB Stories Youtube In

What are the best tools available for marketers on social media?

According to data from Animoto, communicators should consider investing in YouTube and branded stories on Facebook.

With the rising importance of visuals and the need for brand managers to reach consumers directly online, social media video content might be an essential component of your strategy.

They compiled some topline stats into this handy infographic.

Insights include:

  • In a survey, 73% of marketers say they have uploaded two or more videos to YouTube in the last month.
  • On Facebook, 72% of marketers post branded content to Facebook Stories once a week or more.
  • “Save the best for first.” Start your video with your most striking visual to grab attention.

To see all the tips on how to embrace social media video, read the full infographic.


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