Instagram offers ‘Product Launch’ stickers, Credit Suisse’s COO departs over spying scandal, and how communicators will use email in 2020

Also: A rogue guest struts Chanel’s Paris runway, Instagrammers swoon for ‘heart-eyes’ emoji, what the tough IPO market means for PR pros, and more.

Good morning, PR pros:

WeWork has withdrawn its IPO, and other tech darlings are struggling to preserve staff morale.

Uber employees report sagging spirits as the company has cut positions and perks since going public. The company held a flashy press event to bolster its reputation and market position, but many critics still aren’t ready to buy in.

The IPO market has tightened, and communicators will have their hands full trying to convince skeptical investors that they’re offering the next Facebook or Google. When you are ready to woo investors, don’t overpromise, and make sure you have the right leadership team in place to project stability and long-term profitability.

Here are today’s top stories:

Credit Suisse seeks distance from spying executive

When the Swiss bank’s head of wealth management, Iqbal Khan, planned to leave for rival UBS, its COO Pierre-Olivier Bouée had Khan put under surveillance. The invasion of Khan’s privacy along with other mysterious aspects of the incident have caused a scandal prompting Bouée’s departure.

The bank has apologized and acknowledged that the incident has damaged its reputation.

The New York Times wrote:

Urs Rohner, the chairman of Credit Suisse, said in a news conference Tuesday morning that the surveillance of Mr. Khan was “wrong.”

… “I am aware that these events were damaging for the reputation of Credit Suisse, but also for the entire financial center of Switzerland and for this I would like to sincerely apologize,” Mr. Rohner said at the news conference.

Why it matters: When addressing a crisis, it can help to acknowledge the problem in plain terms. Admit that you are working to regain your audience’s trust, and detail how you will go about it through concrete actions.

By coming out with an aggressive apology before the scandal details are clearly reported, the bank might salvage its reputation and safeguard other staff members.

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What are the most-used emoji on Instagram?

A report from Social Insider reveals that a graphic depiction of love and excitement is the most-used emoji on the visually driven platform.

People use the platform to share what excites them, so your content and messages should offer intrigue and entertainment. You audience wants to love what they’re looking at, so give them something to adore.

Instagram offers new ‘Product Launch’ sticker

Instagram will introduce new ways to help creators and brand managers share information about new products. The feature enables users to set reminders about product launches they want to follow, to preview product details and to buy the product once it’s available, all without leaving the platform.

Why you should care: As Instagram introduces tools and optimizes its offerings for a shopping experience, the platform will play an increasingly important part in the buyer’s journey. Make sure you use the channel to share promotions and offer ways for fans to follow and eventually buy your offerings.

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A gate-crasher at the Chanel fashion show in Paris has made a viral moment after she joined the final runway parade without an invitation. Security guards were hard-pressed to remove the comedienne, and she was eventually ushered out by some of the models.

The incident is a reminder about the risks of event marketing coupled with social media and how a rogue party guest can turn your carefully crafted brand message on its head. However, the incident also reveals a solution for these kinds of events, as Gigi Hadid and other models are getting some love for how they handled the incident.

Crisis communicators must be ready to lean on their employees and share employee stories to show the humanity behind the brand.

CVS and Walgreens remove Zantac

The heartburn medication has been alleged to pose cancer risks, and the two biggest pharmacy chains in the U.S. have decided to remove the product from their shelves.

The two companies announced they would remove the products and offer some refunds to consumers who had bought the product; the chains were careful, however, to point to an FDA advisory.

What you should know: How are you getting important messages like health and safety warnings out to your audience? A online newsroom is an increasingly helpful tool, and that’s where CVS posted its statement. Make sure posts to your own newsroom are more than just press releases, instead offering clear, jargon-free writing accessible to everyone.

The internet is a global platform, after all.

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We asked how you plan to invest in your email marketing for 2020, and most said they plan to invest more. Almost another third said they would keep their investment the same.

No one using email says they plan to use it less in the coming year.


What is the most important platform for hosting your organization’s video?

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