Instagram overhauls analytics and business profiles

If you’ve been disappointed with the social media app’s measurement feature, worry no more. It recently confirmed a platform-wide upgrade. Here’s what you can expect—and when.

Digital marketers love data—and will soon have more of it to track in their Instagram feeds.

It’s an announcement that might have social media managers signifying their appreciation with a double-tap: The app will soon add emerging business profiles and an in-app analytics tool. reports that the app’s new detailed analytics will provide specific information for businesses and marketers about their posts, followers and “likes.”

A spokesperson for Instagram said that although the function is being tested in some users’ feeds now, a platform-wide rollout “is coming to Instagram in a few months.”

Here are a few highlights of what marketers can expect:

Business profiles

To help brand managers increase their organizations’ presences and promote awareness, Instagram developers are testing three new profile features.

Here’s the gist from

[These will] make your Instagram profile more like a Facebook page. In a move that makes a lot of sense for businesses, photographers and influencers, Instagram is testing a Contact button, a linkable location tag and a category for your Instagram profile.

By hitting “contact,” users will either be prompted to directions to the organization’s location or to an email window addressed to the profile’s account manager. Although many organizations already provide links to their websites in their profiles, a designated contact button gives users a direct way to communicate. RELATED: Learn social media “next practices” from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. adds:

[That] seems like both an easier way to get in touch with someone, while also protecting the privacy of your email address from potential spammers. It’s also similar to how Facebook pages let their followers directly message them.

Here’s a sample profile:

Improved analytics

Instagram is dubbing its analytics tool “Insights.” It will focus on the two things marketers seem to crave most—follower demographics and post interaction.

The function—not yet available to all users—will help organizations’ social media managers better understand their target audiences.

Here are a few details from TechCrunch:

The follower analytics section offers demographic details about your audience, including followers’ location, age and gender. Location information is available by country or by city, which makes it useful to bigger brands all the way down to smaller, local businesses. Knowing where the majority of users are based can also help businesses better determine when to post content.

Additionally, account managers will be able to track new followers (up to the hour), viral content and conversion rates—which posts worked to convert users to followers.

Here’s how the interface will look to an account manager:

TechCrunch reports that the overhaul will give organizations a more official presence on the app and enable social media managers to share information on their profiles—as well as use tools that help them understand their audience, content, reach and growth.

From TechCruch, here’s how marketers can use the app to track data:

You [can] track things like impressions, reach, website clicks and other follower activity. Impressions refers to the total number of times your posts have been seen, while reach shows you the number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts. Website clicks lets you track how many people click the link in your profile, which business often use to link to their website.

One important feature to note is the app’s “Follower Activity” section. Through it, brand managers will have updated access to the exact times their posts are being viewed, “liked” or shared. They can better time their posts, too, as this will display the times of day when most of their followers are using Instagram.

How will you use Instagram’s new analytics, PR Daily readers?

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