Is going with your gut a good way to make PR decisions?

Are spur-of-the moment decisions potentially dangerous? Or does overthinking hurt more?

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They say that, in love, you should go with your gut. The more you act on your inside feelings rather than your head, the better off you’ll be. Supposedly going with your gut means you’ll make better decisions over the long term – some may be bad decisions, but overall you’ll be in the clear.

Does the same work for your public relations efforts? Can you trust your gut to make the right decisions for your business or should you take more time thinking about the consequences? Honestly, both methods have their pros and cons, and they’re both worth looking at. Trusting your instincts

Sometimes you start up a campaign and just know something is going to work out. Or you have an amazing campaign and just get the sense that it’s going to go off the rails. There’s no physical evidence. You just feel it somewhere in your stomach.

This comes from just knowing your business and knowing your customer base. You’re not thinking about things from an analysis perspective anymore, just purely on feeling and past experiences.

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